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Distance support Support us

Support at a Distance

Change the life of a child and his community

5x1000 Support us


A concrete gesture to be and give family in Italy and in the world.

Solidarity ideas Support us

Solidarity ideas

A solidarity gift for important occasions and to let those you love know that they are special.

Emergencies Support us


We intervene immediately where there is need, stay with us on the front lines.

Inclusion support us

Inclusion projects

Creating a system beyond hospitality, support youth socio-professional inclusion.

training support us

Training projects

Support our youth training and adoptive parenting courses.

Subsidiarity support us

Subsidiarity projects

Provide essential medical care to the children of Vietnam.

Companies support us

Affiliate companies

Become a Friendly Company of AFN.

Testamentary legacies support us

Testamentary legacies

Choose a solidarity will in favor of AFN.

you can contact your country’s coordinator:TAX BENEFITS

Donations to AFN make it possible to enjoy tax benefits.  The individual or business making a donation can freely decide on the tax treatment to benefit from, depending on their tax profile.

We always advise you to consult  your trusted advisor or accountant  to verify the most advantageous option. It is necessary to keep documents related to donations.



DEDUCTIONS| For donations in cash or in kind in favor of the ONLUS, a deduction of 30% is granted for a total amount in each tax period not exceeding €30,000. Liberal donations to AFN allows you to take advantage of tax benefits according to specific regulations in individual countries.

Donations are deductible for individuals as an alternative. The individual taxpayer may choose to deduct donations up to a limit of 10% of the declared gross income.


TAX DEDUCTIONS | For companies and entities subject to IRES, cash donations made to noncommercial third sector entities are deductible from the donor's total net income up to a limit of 10% of the total declared income.

If the deduction exceeds the total declared income, reduced from all deductions, the excess may be counted as an increase in the amount deductible from total income in subsequent tax periods, but not beyond the fourth, up to the amount of the excess.

Donations must be made through traceable payment instruments such as bank or postal transfers, credit cards, prepaid cards, bank and bank drafts, or in accordance with other suitable ways to enable the tax authorities to carry out effective controls that may be established by decree of the Ministry of Finance. Cash donations are not covered by any relief.

To take advantage of tax benefits, in addition to the summary of donations made during the year, you will need to keep:

  • the payment receipt in the case of donation by postal bulletin;
  • copy of the account in the case of bank transfer;
  • photocopy of the bank check;
  • your credit card statement, for donations by credit card;
  • your bank account statement (bank or postal account), in case automatically debited to your bank account.

For more information, you can contact your country’s coordinator: Luxembourg – Jil Streber | Ireland – Hilda & Brendan Boyle | USA – Joe Klock | Great Britain – Julian Hodgson | Malta – Therese Aquilina