Azione Famiglie Nuove


Let's build a more equitable and child-friendly world together

We work to foster the well-being and growth of children, particularly those who are most vulnerable. Around them and for them, we support families and communities with integrated cooperation projects and in collaboration with local institutions and associations.


We have perfected over the years an integrated system of interventions based on TRANSPARENCY and MEASURABILITY.
We operate along 3 basic strategic lines.


Strengthening human and social skills

We promote personal as well as community and institutional self-determination and empowerment because we believe in freedom and co-responsibility. A fundamental step for the lasting and sustainable development of individuals, communities and peoples.


Transparency and monitoring for greater impact

We work in a network, at every level, and believe that together we accomplish more. We ensure maximum transparency and measurability of results to strengthen our supporters’ trust and impact on projects and beneficiaries.


For real and sustainable development

We aim for real and sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development. Ours is a system of interventions that guarantees the integral development of the person, the family and society. We strive to affect the political, social and cultural frameworks that hinder its realization.


We carry out incisive networking at the political-institutional level in support of the family, promote active citizenship and volunteerism, and create and implement training courses for adults, educators, and adolescents. We collaborate with institutions, universities and research institutes to stimulate cultural elaboration on the issues and in the social spheres in which we operate.


We work tirelessly for the promotion of the individual and his or her rights. We strive to ensure that our beneficiaries receive the support they need at every stage of their growth, focusing on empowerment and training at the individual level and capacity-building at the institutional and community levels for self-development of the whole peoples in every part of the world.


Our trademark is building bridges. It can be said to be part of our DNA because it is inspired by Chiara Lubich’s ideal of a united world. Our method of intervention is based on collaboration and joint participation, together with other actors, initiatives and projects to achieve our mission. This method translates concretely into networking at every level and in every sphere.

We have experienced that working in networks with partners promotes the maximization of the effectiveness of each project, ensures a multiplying effect of results, and generally increases the impact of the intervention in favor of the beneficiaries. This method also allows for increased trust and co-responsibility of partners and donors for greater transparency and measurability of results.