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Choose a concrete gesture of love: support a child and his community

With your help you guarantee fundamental rights: meals, school and medical care

Become the protagonist now of a new story of solidarity!

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You will guarantee these with your help

nutrition and well-being


With specific feeding programs we provide recovery in cases of malnutrition and the administration of at least one meal a day, as well as the delivery of food parcels to families.

This activity is in line with Goal 2 of the UN 2030 Agenda to end hunger, achieve food security, and improve nutrition. A necessary condition for the development of new generations

nutrition and well-being


In the educational tracks, in addition to the regular classes, we offer support and vocational training, educational materials and school uniforms. School and university fees.

Adult literacy courses are also provided in order to strengthen the stability of families. For us, education is the starting point for becoming free and empowered in society

nutrition and well-being

Medical care

We protect the health of both children and their families through prevention, checkups, medical examinations, distribution of medicines, courses on health and hygiene education.

The right to health is fundamental to survival in contexts where we intervene and we want to make it accessible to all

You can choose to support a specific child, meeting his/her basic needs, or an entire project to significantly and sustainably impact the entire area

Distance support for a child

By supporting a child you will receive:

His/her photo

News about the child and the project in which he/she lives

Our magazine “Spazio Famiglia”

Distance support for a child

By supporting a project you will receive:

Regular updates from the project and the community you support

Our magazine “Spazio Famiglia”